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The Beaches of Giglio Island

If you love the sea, Giglio island has a 28 km coast: a succession of isolated coves, cliffs and fine sand beaches, public ones and equipped ones. Here are some of the most famous coves of this pearl of Tuscan Archipelago.

Every reported beach and cove can be reached by the paths, suitable to go trekking

East Coast (Giglio Porto zone)


The beach is located, by getting off the ferry at right, after approximately 300 metres; small sand beach, that cools daily tourists and inhabitants of Porto, in the hot summer days

Near the beach there’s a part of smooth rocks that downgrade into the sea, highly recommended for those who want to isolate themselves, although remaining in the port


It owes its name to the ancient saracen tower that is located nearby. The beach is situated, getting off the ferry, on the left after approximately 150 metres.

Tiny strip of beach, especially made of pebbles, but with many smooth rocks and amazing seabed. It is possible to isolate themselves, although remaining near the centre of Giglio Porto


Cannelle is situated the south of Giglio Porto, and this beach is famous because it is made of quartz grains and it can be reached on foot (approximately 20 minutes) or by taxi service

This beach has bars and bathing establishments, it also offers a stretch of public beach. It has shallow water and it is suitable for children.

Cala dello Smeraldo

This beautiful rocky beach is situated near Cannelle beach, south of Giglio Porto

Its name is due to its clear waters, it can be easily reached from the street, by using an easy path


Caldane beach is situated south of Cannelle beach, its name is due to its physical characteristics. It is sheltered from the wind, so it gives the feeling of intense heat, like a hot flash (the name of this beach comes from this word).

It can be reached only on foot, thanks to a walking of approximately 40 minutes, and by boat, that’s why it is very peaceful. It is beautiful, thanks to its rocks, the vegetation, the granitic sand and its seabed.

Punta del Capel Rosso

Its color is due to the reddish colors of the mosses (the rocks, branching out, look like red hair)

Situated at the south edge of the island, there is one of the two operating lighthouse, typical place for the smooth granite pavements that enter the sea and allow people to take a bath in a spectacular cobalt blue water.


Situated north of Giglio Porto, characterised by white fine sand and low water, the Arenella bay is the most suitable for those who love to experience the sea in tranquillity, far from the music, bars and the typical chatter of crowded beaches.

West Coast (Giglio Campese zone)


Situated in the north-western part of Giglio, it is its biggest bay. Very popular among young people and well-equipped even for families with children, it often holds sports events.

The tuscan island, in fact, has much to offers to those who want a total relax holiday, and to those who are dynamic and can’t stand still, even during holiday. Those who love water sports, snorkeling and diving, will find here several specialized centres where to book the equipment.


Small inlet at the left of Giglio Campese beach, it can be reached only on foot in approximately 15 minutes of walking and by boat. Its name is due to its size, small like a ‘hole’.

Wonderful water and the view, far from the chaos of Campese beach.


Its name is due to its location, because it is close to the Faraglione rock, it can be reached only on foot, in approximately 30 minutes of walking and by boat.

It is a small corner, composed by rocks and pebbles that arise from the water, sheltered from the wind, excellent for snorkeling.


Its name is due to the fact that originally there was a thermal spring of freshwater that can be reached only on foot (approximately 45 minutes from Campese) and by boat.

The beach is composed by rounded pebbles of various measures, we call them the ‘ghiaiole’ (some of them are very peculiar). It’s like being in an oceanic beach, with the open sea.


Its name is due to the old mine, operating during our grandparents’ day, with a still visible entrance.

It can be reached only on foot and by boat, it is a cove with dark rocks, a bit different from the rest of the island; the beach has more or less large pebbles and amazing seabed.

Cala del Corvo

Its name is due to the fact that originally the crows nested. Big inlet of rocks and pebbles, that can be reached only by boat. Also here you will find amazing seabed.

Cala di Sparavieri

Wonderful big smooth rock, that disappears in the sea.

Punta Nord Fenaio

In this area there is an old abandoned, but still working lighthouse.

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