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How to get to Giglio Island

Reach Giglio Island

It is very simple to get to Giglio island, it is necessary to consider that the embarkation is at Porto Santo Stefano (Monte Argentario – GR). From Rome, the right direction is Orbetello, then exit from Aurelia road, pass through Orbetello and then take for Porto Santo Stefano, after the lagoon bridge, at the next crossroad.

From Florence instead, exit from Aurelia road after the end of the pine forest, at the height of Albinia and turn right when you see the seaside with Argentario on the horizon. Whether coming from the north or the south, reaching the embarkation for Giglio is simple as there are many signs that include the words “Isola del Giglio” (Giglio island) or “Imbarco isola del Giglio” (Embarkation Giglio island), and “Porto Santo Stefano”. As you arrive in Porto Santo Stefano’s centre, only for the embarkation with vehicles, you have to cross the port and arrive on the pier “clockwise”, then go around the green area adjacent to the dock, and as you notice the right turn towards the major pier, you can queue you to come aboard.

Where to leave the car at Porto Santo stefano

If you decide to leave the car at Porto Santo Stefano (recommended choice) our advice is the Argentario football field, turned into a big parking, during the period of high season

The price? 10 euros a day (discount for more days)


To reach Giglio island, it is necessary to embark on one of the two companies that travel from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio island: Toremar and Maregiglio. By clicking on the following link, you will find a deepening on the ferries that allow you to arrive to Giglio island.

Embark cars during summer

The ships are numerous and carry out a continuous service during summer or late spring, but consider that it is almost obligatory to book to carry the car. It is absolutely impossible, i high season, to find a free place “by chance”. The waiting lists for those who didn’t book  are always very long. Consider that during August, the transport of the vehicles on the island is regulated by a municipal permission that must be shown on the request of the Municipal police of Giglio island.

Limitation to the influx and circulation of vehicles

Contact the real estate agency to receive freely, the ferry (and car) booking, you will receive in addition a 15% discount on the ticket! An offer to keep in mind.

In the summer period that goes from 6-08 to 21-08 included, to bring the car and the motorcycle (with an italian license plate) on the island, it will be compulsory to stay at least 5 days and fill in a self-certification to show as you land on the island and to keep inside your vehicle during the whole period of the stay

Download the pre-printed, fill it in and bring it with you!

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